Poem: The list

poems, Uncategorized, war

There is this list, of things I am worried gone forever
Because of war.
A peaceful long night sleep
A smile without heaviness
Perhaps, my home the way I saw it last
And opportunity
To walk as freely as I could on streets I know
To talk, to share, laugh
With friends, with those who understand, hold hope that we can build a better future…

To see and hug my mum, to talk without politics, without hate
To see the graves, sit by my grandparents side again, to cry and talk…

To hug my cat, to lie in bed, to eat my mother’s breakfast
To take a plane, to walk through borders with no fear of someone asking who you are, what you believe in…

To hear words of kindness, truth and beauty
I really wish so much to see and feel those things again….

To truly, know, believe that good will always win
That truth will always heal
That music will be playing
About happiness, not pain
And we will dance, together.

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